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service provider engaged in analysis of various products in the field of pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, food products and more

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Who we are

domti lab is a service provider engaged in analysis of various products in the field of pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, food products, pesticides chemicals, agriculture, petrochemicals and oils, environments, metallurgy, geo-chemistry, herbs and ayurvedic drugs, oils etc. for more than four decades to our customers. We are supported by our technical expertise and sound infrastructure. Our expansive and ultra-modern laboratory is approved by the food and drug administration of Goverment standards. All these services are carried out in our laboratories as per government standards by our team of experts.

Our Services

We have been serving our customers for a long time and have developed in-depth understanding of the industry. This coupled with our strong technical knowledge; we have been able to create strong domain-expertise.

we are fully equipped to establish stability data of the products and provide our customers with the most specialized service in the following fields :

  • > Method development by HPLC using various columns and conditions, at room temperature or at higher temperature using column oven
  • > Analysis of various Insecticides and Pesticides in formulations by GC using capillary columns Identification of drugs by Infra-red Absorption
  • > Analysis of Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E in various formulations
  • > Five batch analysis of product and its validation
  • > Impurity profile of the product
  • > Method development of new products or chemicals
  • > Dissolution pattern of a drug
  • > Analysis of Herbs, Ayurvedic drugs, Cosmetics etc
  • > Analysis of chemicals, drugs, pesticides, fertilizers, oils etc. requiring skilled analysis.

We offer a wide range of analysis and testing solutions on a wide range of products and materials. Our expert and specialized services have helped a large number of our customers in optimizing their business operations by developing better understanding of the various aspects involved in their business domain.

These services are delivered by our team of highly trained professionals and are available at very reasonable prices.

  • > Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
  • > Food products
  • > Pesticides
  • > Chemicals
  • > Agriculture
  • > Petrochemicals and oils
  • > Environments
  • > Metallurgy
  • > Geo-chemistry
  • > Herbs and Ayurvedic drugs
  • > Oils

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